New York City-Based Wedding Cinema & Photo Studio

Linda & Nicole: Bristol Harbour Resort

The wedding highlight film for Linda & Nicole shot by Kraig Adams of Kadams Media at Bristol Harbour in Canandaigua, NY the summer of 2014. Camera assistance by Isaac Rosenthal.

Danica & Paul: Wedding in Ithaca, NY

My friends from High School got married so of course I’d take the opportunity to shoot an awesome wedding film for them.  It was a beautiful day in Ithaca, NY and I wish them all the best in their lives together. Here is the full video of the brother’s cover of “Mrs. Robinson” in which they changed it to singing about “Mrs. Carlson”.  Amazing performance guys! (Click the post to watch their film in HD)

Elizabeth & Joseph: Harro East Ballroom in Rochester

A wonderful wedding in my hometown of Rochester, NY.  It was great getting to shoot alongside my good friend Josiah Moore for the first time on a wedding.  We had plenty of fun, there were cupcakes at the reception, plenty of swing dancing and lots of laughs.  Congrats Elizabeth and Joseph!  (Click post to watch their film in HD)

Valerie & Keith: West Hills Country Club

This wedding couple was sent to me by my friend Kerri from Kerri Lynne Photography.  She’s a great artist and loves the couples she gets to work with so why would’t I want to shoot with her.  I was totally correct in my line of though because Val and Keith were awesome.  Keith was so awesome that he accidentally split his pants while dancing during the reception.  That takes tremendous skill.  (Click on the post to watch their film in HD)

Allison & Tim: Mount Kisco Country Club

(Click the post to watch their film in HD)